:: Let My People Go ~ Cry My Beloved Zimbabwe ::

It kind of feels like Zimbabweans are the Israelites of old and the Mugabe family is Pharaoh. We’ve been asking Pharaoh to let us go for so long and now we can finally leave Egypt!  And even though we’re facing a wilderness of uncertainty, we are free at last (maybe….!!) Continue reading :: Let My People Go ~ Cry My Beloved Zimbabwe ::


:: The Many Uses of the Word “FUCK” ::

So I was going through my Facebook memories and stumbled upon this interesting article I posted. I obviously got it from someone else, but don’t know who. Too good not to share! “Perhaps one of the most interesting words in the English language today, is the word FUCK. Out of all of the English words which begin with the letter F, FUCK is the only word referred to as the “F” word, it’s the one magical word. FUCK as most words in the english language, is derived from German, the word “fricken[?]”, which means to strike. In English, FUCK falls into many grammatical categories. … Continue reading :: The Many Uses of the Word “FUCK” ::

A Spirit of Expectancy

Originally posted on My Blog:
So this was the word that God gave me last night but before I get into sharing what is on my heart I want to say that in 2009 as I seek the Lord with ALL my heart He is going to take me to a higher level and my notes on facebook/myspace will become more intense as I share with you what God is doing in my life. God is taking my journaling to a whole new level where He will reveal things to me that I have never heard before. So buckle your… Continue reading A Spirit of Expectancy