:: “Say what?” ~ The Power of the Tongue ::

I’m a Believer! I Believe in God and I believe in the Bible. I believe that it IS HIS WORD and that it’s our compass in navigating through this perilous world.

That being said, I’ve always known that words are powerful. The numerous Bible Verses that touch on the importance of our words, the power of the tongue – our mouths – and the fact that “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” exists in Science is proof enough for me that, “hey!!! I really need to reign this thing in a bit.”


When I was still in Grade School, I knew I wanted to go to the US. I wanted to live there. I spoke about it so often, and I always supposed that my intense WILL was what landed me there for University.

As a Senior in High School, I was applying to all sorts of colleges in the States without any fear or trepidation as to HOW I was going to get there and WHO was going to foot the bill.
My Mom once opened an acceptance letter I received from one college in Massachusetts and casually said, “wow, congratulations on your acceptance. But who is paying the fees?”
To which I responded,  “I don’t know. I’m just doing it!”

I honestly didn’t have a clue who was going to foot the bill. I lived in Zimbabwe and our currency was depreciating FAST circa 2003.

I didn’t let a lack of funding stop me. I enrolled for some “Learn in the US” program, attended a seminar and figured “ok – time to write my SATs”.

I saved up money I had, wrote the SATs, passed, and eventually got offered a scholarship! My thoughts, combined with purposeful actions resulted in my DREAMS COMING TRUE! Literally! This mentality also saw me meeting my dream guy: an Old but filthy rich Texan! We met online and before long we were dating and he was sending me things on my wishlist. I was a little princess. Sure, my Prince Charming was a Sugar Daddy – But I had lots and lots of money!!

Thinking I’d mastered this art – I began being careless and reckless with my thoughts, words, actions. To a point where my life now is nothing compared to what it was in my teens. The Sugar Daddy is long gone and so is the money, but I’ve learned so many valuable lessons about the Power of my Words and Thoughts.

I was always so quick to swear off someone who cut me off in traffic. I’d mutter under my breath “I hope you get into an accident for speeding so recklessly, silly monkey!”
I got to reckless that I was now wishing death upon people I didn’t even know. How miserable was I!!

Last year sometime, I was battling with a colleague and was browsing Google Images for some motivation of sorts, when I came across the following image:

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (taken from his Book “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom”

I didn’t read the book – but this image struck me! Firstly, I was immediately released from feeling weird about someone else’s bad mood! I also, in that instant, realized how important my WORD is! If Toltec Wisdom, Taoism, Bhuddism, Christianity, Psychology etc, all make reference to the importance of WORDS – surely, surely, this MUST BE A BIG DEAL! This HAS to be REAL! It IS REAL! It’s REAL and it’s a BIG DEAL!

I’ve become extremely mindful of how I speak now. What I say about myself, my loved ones, and in general – I just MIND what I say.

One of my favorite Bible Verses is in James 3:8-10:

And it’s so true: how can I BLESS GOD – my Creator – in whose image I am made – and with the same mouth, a few minutes later, curse another human being, who, like me, was also made in God’s image?
How on earth can I do that and consider myself a child of God? I know that the Good Lord forgives what we don’t know, but I also know that we are judged according to the Light we have received (Luke 12:47-49).

Therefore, going forward, my earnest prayer is that I never misuse my WORD ever again. I shall only use my WORD to uplift – to Bless – all of God’s creatures. And never ever use it against myself.

My prayer is that you too, dear reader, will do the same. NEVER USE THE WORD AGAINST YOURSELF or Anyone else.

~ Legend Out

How sad is this image? Sad but true!
Again – the power of your thoughts and words
Train your mind – train your tongue!

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