A Spirit of Expectancy

Wow….this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!
The Holy Spirit has been impressing on me that I need to have a spirit of expectancy. I Googled the phrase and found this Blog – exactly what God wanted me to read!

Keep spreading the word – and May God richly bless you more than you could ever think or imagine as you continue sharing God’s love and His wonderful Promises!!

My Blog

So this was the word that God gave me last night but before I get into sharing what is on my heart I want to say that in 2009 as I seek the Lord with ALL my heart He is going to take me to a higher level and my notes on facebook/myspace will become more intense as I share with you what God is doing in my life. God is taking my journaling to a whole new level where He will reveal things to me that I have never heard before. So buckle your belts, hang on and get ready for more in-depth notes.

So as I was laying on my couch last night I heard God say: “Remain in a spirit of expectancy and have an expectant heart.” I did not really know what that meant until I laid there and meditated on it all night and all…

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