:: The best and worst thing to ever happen to me ::

You looked at me
And then you stared

You talked to me
But I didn’t care

Then you wooed me
Impressed – I thought “shall I dare?”
Initially – not taken –
Later – I took more interest in you
Your allure – your enigma
Luring me in, into your web
Your tangly web of misconstrued affection and somewhat deception

The day finally came…
We met again – our date
Fresh, clean, crisp and mint
Your Eyes – Beautiful – shining
Your Skin – Flawless, the color of cocoa-cream
Hair – Luscious – I wanted to run my fingers through it
Lips – they looked oh-so-kissable
The way you pursed them, licked them
Your countenance transformed as a smile danced on your lips
Sparkle in your eye
Your voice so gentle
Calming, soothing, reassuring

You put your arm around me
I felt your warmth
I felt safe

“He was tall, with haunting green eyes that seemed to smolder despite his lazy smile. Hie eyes IMG-20160825-WA0000-1were a great contrast to his thick, shiny, curly dark hair. He had a boyd that completed the entire handsome package. He was every inch a rock star. He was charming, playful and confident. He was practically irresistible. His only flaw was that he knew it.” ~ Kelly Oram

They were dashed – my hopes
When I let you touch my secret place
Your breath so sweet on my neck
Your hands so soft but commanding of my body
You fucked me
And I loved it
Then I got scared

Then the weekend arrived
We spent hours talking
And you opened up
We laughed
I cried
Water lapped against our naked bodies
Staring into each others eyes through the steam that filled the room
The bathroom
We spent hours in that bathroom
In the tub
That big bathtub
As we bared our souls
As droplets of water slowly made their journey from your face down your body
…all I could see was the steam – the droplets of water –
and that look in your eyes…

We talked
We laughed
We walked
We fought
We cried
We lied
Together – you and I – for so long
Yet strangers we had been
The speed of light, it took us, through that journey of mutual discovery
The journey that takes the average pair a year…

Naked, open, vulnerable, bare
I laid myself – body and soul – open for you
You let me into your thoughts
I saw the brightness in your eyes as you spoke
A smile touching your lips
A longing desire to be on that – your sweetest taboo
You spoke so lovingly and tenderly of your drug
That sweet Ohh…you needed that hoe
You needed your High –
And for that I’m grateful you didn’t lie

But you had an out – a dope dugout
So there were the pills
Ohh the pills, so many pills
You offered them to me – damned your sweet allure
I opened my mouth
On my tongue you placed it
Ohh so sweet
That sweet ohh

Oooohh, as i screamed when you drove deep into me

Oooohh, as I screamed when you drove deep into me
Your breath on my neck
Your tongue in my ear
My nipples between your fingers
Your wood wedged deep in my crevice

We fucked
And we fucked some more
We fell asleep in each others arms
Deep into the night
Until you roused me from my slumber
Your wood knocking on my door
I let you into my warmth
My wet, moist warmth
Wanting more of that Ohh
Wanting the Ohh only I could give him – needing the Ohh only he could give me
So we fucked
And then we fucked some more

i felt nothing

Then I awoke
And you roused
From the dream we’d been living for 5 days
We came back
And you went back
Pulled away
Reigning in those emotions
Did we reveal too much?
Did we let each other in too deep?
Too far
Too dark
Too honest
Too crude
Too nude
Too rude
Did we go too far?
Too soon
Too fast

We explored each other’s psyches
Delved into each other’s minds
At warp speed our relationship evolved
And just as fast – spontaneously, combusted
Nothingness now lies where all of our something had been
And now you’re gone
And I’ll never see you again.

Nothingness now lies where all of our something had been


~Legend Out




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