:: Blank Pages ~ The Fear ::

I kinda have this fear
I’m going to write about my fear
Maybe not fear – it’s more of trepidation
A slight hesitation
A certain apprehension of the final destination:
That treasure trove hid deep in the neurons of my being
The words though, they’re fleeting, keep fleeing
And all I’m seeing
Is that I need to get beyond the palisade
Get to the place where the words arrayed
Give them room, let them take root
Let them pervade

Past the broken fences that run between what I want to say
And the ideas I need to portray
The feelings I want to relay
The emotions I must convey

But there’s a page before me
What does it say?
It teases me, “Do you dare?
Come on, there’s inspiration everywhere!”
Yet the page is blank, it’s bare
And with a glaring stare
It says – nothing
And it’s completely crushing

Because the words, they’re gushing
All about my mind
Just pumping, rushing and slushing
Like they’re flaunting
Which makes it all the more daunting
Haunting and absolutely taunting:
The white blank page
The fear, my fear

So I flip through the pages of pictures that inspire me
Read the tragedy that ignites the ember in my soul
That spark turned roaring flame that can change, literally – everything!
So still I sit
Because I need to sift
Through the phrases, words and verbs that drift
Over the rift that there lies
Rising from my mind
Past my eyes, and so…to tantalize
The writer’s guise, within me

So the words, they float
They boast and gloat
But what have I wrote?
Again….it’s crushing.
The white blank page – The fear, my fear.

~Legend Out


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